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Unlock the power of Shopify, without breaking the bank.

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Who we are

With over 10 years of Shopify experience, Polly is your reliable digital commerce partner to elevate and accelerate your growth.

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Our Approach

Create a meaningful experience that not only converts but inspires.

Polly paves the way, merging creativity with data-driven strategy to craft immersive online journeys that captivate, inspire, and convert.

Talk like people.
deliver in numbers.


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Through our past collaborations, we contributed towards a 98% increase in revenue, 41% in conversion and 35% increased sessions on average. At Polly we believe good results should follow with a good site, and we strive to bring the best potential out of every brand.

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Our values

We’re relentlessly focused on delivering value

At Polly, we champion value. Armed with over a decade's experience in ecommerce, we blend creativity with production efficiency, shaping immersive online experiences that captivate, inspire, and convert.

What we can do for you


Digital Strategy

At Polly, we craft digital strategies grounded in data and tailored to your objectives. Our insights-driven approach ensures every move is purposeful, propelling your brand forward.


Content strategy



We breathe life into brands. With creativity as our guide, we fashion compelling brand stories, identities, and experiences that strike a chord

Content strategy


User experience

Our designs aren't just visually stunning; they're intuitive and user-focused, creating unforgettable digital journeys.


Content strategy



We transform visions into digital realities. Our expert developers build robust, high-performance websites and apps.


Content strategy



Polly's SEO experts wield data-driven strategies to enhance your online visibility and stimulate organic growth.


Content strategy

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